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I Wanna Be A Lady


.:*name// ashley apuzzo
*:.age/birthday// 16 - may 17,1989
.:*location// east haven ct
* female
.:*nationality// italian/irish american
.:*contact info// (email address and/or im) nikeprincess032 - aim

Do you..

.:*drink// not all the time
*:.smoke// no
.:*do drugs// no


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? i am probably on of the most polite girls you will ever meet. and i also do act like a princess.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// pretty good... i attend east haven high school where i play basketball.
*:.relationships// ehh... love life isn't that great right now.. but friendships are. and im always open to making new friends.
.:*a joke// umm.. i dont really kno any good ones.

can someone help me.. put a pic up like that other girl did??
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its really easy, actually...

1. Go to
2. Register an account-its free. (this will always come in handy if you have an LJ)
3. Upload your picture/s.
4. Paste the image code into your update.

*If the picture is big, put it under an lj-cut
<*lj-cut>iMAGE CoDE
take out the *
Well your gona get accepted anyways but yeah umm you should always try to elaborate on all your answers but otherwise, it was good